Have you ever wondered how a customer knows that this specific parcel or package is from a specific supplier? It is all about how the product is packed. The customer must be able to identify the product at the first look. The packing of the product catches the consumer attention. Some companies opt for the customized packaging however others do not go for customization and prefer standardization. The customized packaging can cause high costs for the business especially if the packages vary in size and quantity. But the firms have found the solution to this. The example is that amazon uses a tape with amazon written on it on all of its packages. It clearly shows that the package is from amazon. Another example can be of FedEx, they uses different size of red color carton for the shipment of goods. Like the product weighing 1 kg will be in a red colored pack while any product above the weight of 1 kg will be in a red colored carton, and so on. Hence the red colored package is easy to spot, clearly showing that the package is from the FedEx. FedEx gets it carton printed. This saves the business costs as the products are shipped according to the weight, and each weight band have their own respective carton. Unlike FedEx, if we look at amazon which has its own customized tape, again we can save a lot of costs. The tape can be applied on any carton and it will show that it is from amazon. The advantages of such branding is as follows:

Costs saving: In case of amazon, the printed tape on the carton does the job. It is cost effective and easy to use. Moreover, the package clearly shows it is from amazon.

Efficiency:  In case of FedEx, the same red cartons are used for different types of the products. No time is wasted, the product reaches the customers on time. On in the case of amazon, the same tape is used on every carton shipped to the customers. It saves time and costs to the business.

Familiarity with the brand: The amazon tape is highly familiar to all those who have ordered from amazon, and for the first timers, the tape on the carton is self-explanatory. In case of FedEx, the red carton does wonders, people know that the guy delivering the red package is from FedEx.


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