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Provide 24/7 online support through online support, phone calls assistance and email services.

Free Designing

Free Designing:

Get your design ideas into reality by having free designing assistance from custom dilines to full proof digital 3D mockups.



High quality packaging produced and delivered as promised by using high tech mechinery and expert packaging team.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance:

Providing quality packaging is our main priority for our customers.Experts ensured that packaging quality won't compromise.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping:

We are providing free of cost expedite shipping at your door steps through renowned courier companies.

Stay home stay safe

Stay home stay safe:

During global pendemic situation we deliver at your door steps so stay home and get delivered what ordered and save your time and life.


  • Collapsable Rigid Boxes

    Whenever you buy an expensive product, you expect it to be packed inside a luxurious box that reflects its nature and essence appropriately. Meanwhile, Rigid Boxes are the key to level up your packaging game and convince your customers of your product quality even before they open it.

  • Corrugated Mailer Boxes

    With the increasing inclination towards e-commerce and online shopping, transporting goods over greater distances has become problematic for some companies. But you don’t have to get worried about your product’s safety and security from damage as our Mailer Boxes are specially designed to sustain all the unavoidable pressure during shipping by added cushioning and cutting in shapes to perfectly fit your product.

  • Custom Kraft Boxes

    Kraft Boxes are most in-demand, among customers as well as product owners, due to their durability and strength. Without any doubt, Kraft boxes have raised the packaging industry’s standard vividly. The shift of industry from pollution generating process to environment-friendly and biodegradable material; Kraft Paper, has really changed the game for business owners.

  • Cardboard Bakery Boxes

    With the rise of digital platforms and social media life, people have started to become conscious of their clothing. Everyone wants to wear stylish, beautiful and luxury clothes every day to get those ‘perfect selfies’ for their grams. This increasing appeal has interested many youngsters in the fashion industry and we can see it reflecting in young designers inaugurating their stores almost every other day.


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1. Online Support

We offer free online support for all order and our packaging expert help you to get what you are looking for.

2. Free Designing

We offer Free online Graphic Design Support on all order, so once you wish to proceed with the project, we design your project from scratch and get your approval on it to proceed further.

3. Payment Process

We only ask customer to process the project amount once they are confident in what we are offering and approve the digital files we ask them to approve.

4. Production

After the approval is received on final files and the project amount is processed, we proceed further to the next step of production where our expert production team take care of customer's requirements.

5. Delivery

We offer delivery services through renounced courier companies, such as FedEx, Skynet, DHL etc.





In such a globally advertised and interconnected digital world, online business has boomed greatly. While this has provided business owners with multiple and easy-to-access opportunities with quick reach to the customers, it has also increased the competition as buyers don’t select any product solely on the basis of its quality anymore, instead of the overall look and impressive packaging play a pivotal role in this time.Let’s admit, we all have bought something just because we got awe-struck by its packaging. Its stylish design, attention-grabbing color scheme with the exclusive logo made us scream and urged us to buy it immediately while daydreaming of how we are going to boast it to our friends later on. Meanwhile, this is exactly how customized packaging can change the sales game for you.Amid recent occurrences and technological advancements, e-commerce has become new normal, and the digital market is the place for new competition, where besides quality, one must ensure the best display and overall look to grab customers’ attention. And as products are transported to different locations majorly, custom boxes can come to your rescue.

Custom Boxes not only help you stand out, in the digital as well as the physical market, but with the freedom to choose among various shapes, color schemes, paper quality, and various other inputs it also enables you to leave a long-lasting impression on your customers (which can eventually convert them to your regular customers). Custom Packaging, if done correctly, speaks in volume about the quality of the product inside and the creative designs allure the consumers. And above all, you can also add a description and user guide on your custom pakaging boxes which would give a personal touch.Popular e-commerce market or simply you can say online shopping basically depends on the Custom boxes, besides no new manufactured product can be delivered or even manufactured without a Custom box packaging.

Best Custom Boxes:


As a leading packaging solution provider, and with years of experience and competitive teams worldwide, Best Custom boxes manufacture and supply almost all kinds of boxes and packaging services your business may require. From Printed paper boxes, Corrugated printed boxes, Rigid boxes, and cardboard boxes for various retail products.




Retail Packaging Services:


Retail packaging, owing to its top-notch design which gives your customers the best packaging experience, helps your brand to stand out and leave an impact to secure and maintain your well-developed reputation. Such personalized packaging seamlessly informs and engages customers – meanwhile, enhancing brands for retailers.  Bakery Box Packaging your products safe while hugely enhancing their on-shelf presence. Retail packaging comes in a fantastic range of choices, providing a variety of packaging solutions that can be used carefully and skillfully for your selected materials; integrated novel structural design and quality print to maximize sales.We, here at Best Custom Boxes, make sure to provide you with the best of the quality to impactfully place your brands in the hands of the customers and boost your sales.Our Retailing Packaging Boxes are available in almost all sizes, innovative shapes, and designs exceeding the demands of the customers. Retail boxes with partition, clear window boxes, detachable lid boxes, flip-top rigid boxes, boxes with EVA foam are a few to discuss out of a detailed number of lists for our valued customers. Furthermore, we prepare and deliver boxes of all kinds; Apparel Boxes, Auto Lock Boxes, Bakery Boxes, Bath Bomb, Bux-Board Boxes, Business Cards to Cake, Candle, and almost every other food item. Feel free to search for your required product.


Cosmetics Packaging Services:


Best Custom Boxes offer  Custom Cosmetic Boxes in numerous designs for all kinds of beauty products; the Palette box, Skincare Box, Eyeliner box, Eye gel box, Lip sick box, Cream box, Facial cleanser box, Lotion box to Facial box. Our range of boxes comprises all the cosmetic products that are available in the market.With its competent staff, Best Custom Boxes is always ready to meet customers’ demands up to the high end. Therefore, feel free to order your desired box to get that innovative and futuristic Cosmetic Packaging Boxes at Wholesale. Fine textured, flawless boxes with added, desired specs like patterned boxes, glossy matte laminating, soft-touch, varnishing, spot UV, embossing, gold printing, debossing, and various color foil stamping and designing are available at all designs and sizes.


Rigid Boxes:


Custom Rigid Boxes are quite a luxury packaging item, usually acquired by the world’s leading brand. Rigid boxes not only impress the customers with their sturdy, supportive material, but their flawlessness and promise of protection are also impressive. Rigid Packaging Boxes at wholesale allows customers to get the desired boxes that also lightly affect their wallets. Besides being luxurious, Rigid boxes are thicker than the usual Custom boxes with various ranges for styling; like flip-top, detachable cover boxes, magnetic enclosure, lift-off lid boxes, slide boxes, additional attachments to tackle the lid like ribbon adds classiness. Best Custom Boxes understand that to overcome the competition companies prefer to customize their packaging in the best possible, therefore we also make printed boxes exclusively for your brand, that too with a number of variations like the futuristic spot UV, holographic foil stamping, silver foil printing, and various others. Moreover, branding and printing of tags, brands’ names, or signature are also among the services we provide (which works like magic for advertising purposes).


Bakery Boxes:


At Wholesale facilitates the customer, if they are running a bakery or need packaging boxes in bulk amount, to get the superior quality boxes at much cheaper rates. But don’t worry even if you don’t require any bulk amount, it won’t affect the quality of your order. As to us, each order is equally important and worthy of our concern, irrespective of the amount ordered. Our boxes are produced cautiously and critically examined at each stage to guarantee perfection and our customers’ satisfaction.Our Custom Bakery Boxes comprises of all the various bakery products from individual packaging to packaging boxes for pairs and dozens. Like some of the bakery products and beverages needs to be packed in the sets and pairs; doughnuts, cupcakes, fudge, chocolates, candies and a number of others, so to exceed the demands of our customers we not only talk to our customer but we listen and meet their demands even exceeds them.Best Custom Boxes are made while keeping in view the universal standards of quality and hygiene, and also with environmentally sound conten.


Cardboard Boxes:


Custom Cardboard Boxes Custom Cardboard Boxes form the base and play a crucial role in serving packaging and shipping purposes all at once. Exemption of the differences in sizes of boxes used for packaging and shipping purposes, Cardboard boxes provide sturdy support to the manufactured goods and the products to be shipped globally. Cardboard Packaging is also available at Wholesale so it is easy for anyone to get the boxes simply with just a few clicks and protect your products from damages caused by mishandling at the time of shipping by providing sturdy support.


Printing Specifications:


We offer printing specifications in the following forms:

  • - Laminations
  • - Foiling
  • - Spot UV
  • - Textured Stock
  • - Emboss/Deboss


Box Styling Options:


We offer the following various range of styling options so you can find the one to perfectly match your product:

Why Best Custom Boxes?


Meanwhile, with over ten years’ experience in the Custom Packaging Industry, we quite take pride in our capabilities in the field of designing and manufacturing all sorts of Custom Packaging boxes which are unrivaled in the industry of packaging boxes. Each year we supply tons of thousands of high-quality Custom Boxes to the global product manufacturing industries and have served a number of fully satisfied customers.


“The boxes just arrived and they are spectacular, let me be honest I was very nervous while ordering them but BCB team wonderfully got me through the steps until I was satisfied. The quality and color scheme of the Boxes are just perfect in all designs. I recommend this company to all the newbies out there who are trying to find custom packaging companies”

Andrea Butterworth


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Color Printing (full color, one or two color), Gold Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, and Spot UV Printing for Packaging on all sides as per the customer's request.

Our Minimum Ordering Quantity is 100 Units for Rigid Luxury or Normal Cardboard Packaging. But we can also produce lesser quantities than that.

Our Turn-Around Time is 10-12 Business Days for Cardboard/Corrugated Packaging and 12-15 Business Days for Luxury Rigid Packaging from the day order is processed. However, we offer Rush Shipping/Processing as well.

Yes, we offer Free Online Graphic Designing assistance for all projects. You just have to share your logo and design ideas with us, and our in-house Graphic Designing Team will take care of the rest.

We have different production houses in UK, USA, Canada and Pakistan. It is our production manager who decides from where to get the production done according to the availability of material.

We accept payments through Wire/Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit Cards and Email Transfer.

We offer Free Shipping through renounced courier companies (Skynet, DHL and FedEx etc.) all around the globe with the fastest delivery time.

We offer One Stop Solution for all your Packaging needs. This include Boxes (Luxury and Normal), Hand Bags, Paid Designing Services, Labels/Stickers, Pamphlets/Flyers, Catalogues and all other Printing Solutions.


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