Cardboard Sleeves

Printed sleeves are perfect for the food, software, cosmetics and in medical sectors, also available as cheaper generics to be used in industries for packaging. For removable or hinged cover for closing opening, also not secure and may because of damage. One must use sleeves boxes to ensure security, also cost-effective, easily affordable and makes your brands look better. Printed sleeves also promote your product, also makes your product stand out in a crowd.


High Quality


Quick Turnaround Time




Free Design


Cost-effective Option for Packaging



Printed sleeves are a great way of securing for hinged cover products, also a great way to impress the consumer adding a strong logo and short detail like texture or tagline details to otherwise plain packaging. Custom design gives your brand ease to place products as packing in the box for a shipment while shipping your products in a different environment like airways, cargo ship and by road, many time it shakes the products may cause to damage.



As boxes are customized according to the consumer requirement, give better protection and ease to place the product in the box, on the other hand, Cardboard Sleeves are the best option to get your logo and brand name on the box in an economical way. The sleeve is designed in such manner that the product for which they have produced perfectly snugs inside it. One of the biggest benefits of using printed sleeve is that it allows users to use a generic box for their entire product range and use printed sleeves to differentiate between product variations.



Need of Hour



Every manufacturer always makes sure that their consumer gets the product in perfect condition. Custom boxes, with high quality, ensures that your product safe and snug. well packaging makes your product safe from environmental contamination and prevent to damage, also shaking doesn’t affect its stability during transport. Retail product in different industries come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. If you need a perfect custom sleeve for your product, Best Custom Boxes is the best choice for the best quality with affordable price. We offer die-cut sleeve-packaging for unprinted boxes, to wrap around them for product display and brand publicity.



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