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Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes are one of the most used packaging types in the industry. The use of these boxes dates back to the time when the use of packaging was just in the beginning. The massive amount of usage still to date shows that these boxes are incredibly beneficial for packing products. The most common feature that makes them ideal for usage in every situation is their being lightweight. These boxes, due to their shock-resistant corrugated sheet, are extremely shock-absorbing, thus ideal for packing shipping items. While for many users, their extremely lightweight yet heavy-duty is more fascinating. Thus, many features and incredible productivity make them one of the most ideal packaging choices for every purpose.

One of The Most Lightweight Packaging Types

Corrugated Boxes comprise linerboard and heavy paper medium. Their construction consists of different types of corrugated sheets. But one thing is certain the more the layering’s are, the stronger your boxes will be. The different types of sheets used in their construction are Linerboard and Medium Board. The top most one is linerboard and is the flat, outer surface that adheres to the medium. The medium one is the wavy, fluted paper between the liners. They made both of a special kind of heavy paper called containerboard. Board strength will vary depending on the various liner board and medium combinations.

This basic structure, because of the construction with paper, is lighter no matter how thick it is. But it provides remarkable strength to the packaging structure.

Lighter in Weight

We then customize these sheets according to the customer's requirements. We take special care of the accuracy and perfection of these boxes. As this is what defines the true meaning of customization. Therefore, we take perfect measurements, do proper sizing and ensure compatible thickness according to the customer and product requirements. 

This accuracy helps us to avail the maximum functionality and productivity of our Corrugated Boxes.

Custom Prints for A Classy Illustration

Meanwhile, our custom prints that are our unique creations and are so innovative help us complete our classy Corrugated Boxes. Our designs are neither plagiarized nor copied and we have all the rights reserved for our designs and prints. We sincerely think for our customers, therefore, we plan each and every step keeping in view the benefits of our customers.

As prints are as necessary for packaging as packaging is to the product, therefore we put special consideration and use state-of-the-art technology for creating the most iconic prints on our Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes.

We offer our customers plenty of choices from which they can select. Whether they want to keep their boxes in their natural structure or want game-changing prints, we offer every type and design. 

For enhanced brand awareness or for giving an identity to your shipping corrugated boxes, get the most impressive branding techniques at Best Custom Boxes.

Multiple Uses and Easy Customization

We at BCB believe in making things possible. We never get conquered by the challenges, no matter how difficult they are. Offering versatility in packaging, we develop and customize packaging for each need. From pharmaceuticals to grocery, vegetable, and fruit packaging, Pizza Boxes, Snacks and confectionary, home appliances and any other demand, we serve them all.

We excel in custom packaging that meets your needs. So whatever product of yours you want to pack, just let us know and we will amaze you with our Corrugated Boxes Wholesale and services.

It is nothing out of the blue or a fantasy world because the heavy-duty of the Corrugated Boxes is something people are experiencing for many years. Corrugated Boxes are a symbol of strength and their structure makes them the most reliable and trustworthy packaging of the era. Even in other packaging types as well, inserts of corrugated sheets are used. Therefore, for the remarkable, durable, and promising safety of your products, get your Corrugated Boxes customized from Best Custom Boxes. 

Apart from these incredible features of Custom Corrugated Boxes, there are many features and functions that are yet to be discovered. So contact us and together we will create one of the most incredible, innovative and functional corrugated packaging designs that will take the market with the storm and take your business to the apex.

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