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There is no ambiguity about it that almost everyone today loves having cereal based breakfast. After watching them advertised impressively on television, and enjoyed by renowned celebrities and loved by everyone around us, we cannot resist but adapt them into our lifestyles. They have become quick and to-go with breakfast option whenever we are short on time or simply want to enjoy the taste instilled with different flavours. Meanwhile, the industry has expanded significantly with various flavours being launched for specific age groups so no one can leave the store disappointed and get what they want from one brand. And this diversity in flavours and cereals has also changed the packaging strategy, now Cereal Boxes are uniquely designed and customized to add details like logo, brand names and specific flavours.


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Protect the flavour and Crunchiness of Your Cereals with Custom Cereal Boxes

Cereals are one of those food items that require extra cautious packaging. Although every eatable product needs to be packaged appropriately but Cereals need to be packed with care so their crunchiness is not compromised due to the external pollution, moist or air. Meanwhile, to secure them from outside pollutants, they are usually packed inside plastic bags and then packed in cardboard or corrugated boxes. And that is exactly how we design our boxes. To keep your flavour intact, we prefer cardboard material boxes as they are durable enough to shield it against all damages as well as light weight to make it easy for you to transport it from one place to another.

Attract Your Target Audience by Designing Your Packaging Appropriately

Kids, teenagers, young adults to adults, all love having cereals. However they all prefer different kinds of cereals. Like children mostly love chocolate flavoured cereals, teenagers to young adults may like chocolate to other flavours like strawberries, honey etc. And for health conscious consumers, there is a whole range of sugar free, high fiber cereals that are enriched with dried nuts and berries. Meanwhile, each cereal type has unique audience type that adores certain packaging type. This makes it hard for business owners to achieve their desired business goals with standard or same packaging. So what you need to do is get packaging that is user oriented and specifically portrays the product details and clearly everyone know they may want to know in order to make their buying decision.

Mesmerize Your Audience with Printed Cereal Boxes

It is extremely hard to mesmerize or amaze your targeted audience with simple packaging solutions. Whenever a customer walks through a superstore aisle, he is presented with diverse brands and numerous accessible alternatives to your brand, so they only tend to focus on the products that are placed at their eye levels and from those few, only those are picked that comes with alluring and eye-catching details over the packaging. Meanwhile, make sure you don’t miss your chance whenever you get it because customers tend to stick to one brand even if they like the taste of the product. But before that they must buy it once and that can only be ensured with appealing packaging.

Design Your Own Cereal Boxes!

Best Custom Boxes puts you in the driver’s seat by giving you the liberty to design your boxes in whatever design and style you prefer. As you’re the owner and knows adequately about your target audience and product type, so you can design your boxes authentically and impactfully. It is hard to make an impression on adults, so you really need to reflect your product details in your packaging so they can know everything easily from your packaging. Like if that’s Corn Flakes, Chocolate Cereals, Wheat, fruit-based Cereals, and other low-fat options. You must display such specifications clearly with some illustration to attract attention from distance even. Moreover, details like expiry date, calorie chart, ingredients, and user guide will convince your buyers well enough to develop certain understanding of the product they are buying and eventually come across a positive buying decision.

We offer you different features like digital printing, lamination, Spot, Spread or Blind UV, foiling or even have your boxes prepared with custom die cut shapes. In the meantime, having unique combination of features on your cereal packaging makes it easy for you to attract the audience.

Best Custom Boxes is Your One-to-Get-All Shop

After years of industrial experience and with dedicated teams, we have successfully served thousands of customers with their desired packaging. We, unlike others, allow you to design your own Cereal Boxes with guidance of professional designers who know exactly what is suitable for your product, demanded in the market and would be durable for your product safety. Meanwhile, we will help you craft your Printed Cereal Boxes in such a manner that will give your cereal packaging an aesthetically distinct look that will make it stand out from the rest. We understand that the main purpose for packaging is to protect cereal from the sunlight and moisture so its crispiness remains intact until it’s enjoyed by the customers. For this purpose, we use cardboard boxes. They are our first choice for the Cereal Boxes.

Moreover, we offer boxes that are biodegradable that makes our boxes not only affordable for you but beneficial for the environment as well. Meanwhile, with our qualitative services, and complimentary designing and shipping services, we make the whole process highly convenient and economical for you. So what are you waiting for? Get your desired Printed Cereal Boxes today.

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Specs Name Specs Detail
Dimensions Any Custom Size/Style/Shape/Design
Printing CMYK, PMS, Digital and Plain (Non-Printed)
Card Stock 10pt to 28pt Kraft, Cardboard, Corrugated and Colored Stock.
Quantities 100 boxes to start with
Add – On Custom Die Cut Window, Silver/Gold Foiling, Embossing, Stamping.
Proofing Flat View, 3D Digital Proofing, Physical Sampling (On request)
Coating/Finish Gloss Finish, Matte Finish, Spot UV, Spread UV and Blind UV etc…
Default Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Pasted, Assembled and Flat Ship
Turn Around Time 4-6 Business Day to Dispatch, Rush/Expedite

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