Foiling Boxes

This is the box in which silver foiling is attached to the surface of the box with the help of glue. Thus, the main benefit of these boxes is that you can use them for professional use. This box also represents your personality and looks luxurious and unique. If you are a business owner, then to make your products visible in the retail market, you must use custom foil boxes. on the other hand, the receiver who takes these boxes as a gift will definitely love them. thus, these boxes are providing a lot of benefits for commercial purposes.


High Quality


Quick Turnaround Time




Free Design


Foiling Boxes



You can also use these foil packaging boxes for the wrapping of your gifts. If you are giving a wristwatch, a shirt, or a jewellery item to your near and dear ones, then this is the best packaging option. your special one will be glad after receiving the gift packed in these special boxes.



You can also customize these boxes according to your choice and also according to the dimensions of the gift. These boxes can also be styled in a number of shapes. these boxes are available in rectangle, pillow, and also in hinged shaped. You can also shape them according to the need of your gift.



Gold Foil Packaging for Cosmetic Products:



For cosmetic products, gold foil packaging can bring a huge change in the sales and overall recognition of the company. As cosmetic products are fancy and women only get attracted towards the shiny and modern outlook of the product. Therefore, the products enclosed in gold foil boxes have more chances to grab customer attention than the others. Creams, moisturizers, lipstick and nail polish can all have boxes with gold foiling for better product appeal and impressive appearance. Gold foil packaging provides a new and better way to promote products and brands by making the product prominent in front of customers.



Apart from catchy appearance, one more benefit that gold foil boxes can give you is the protection of the product. If you are packing such gifts in the boxes that need protection from moisture, then gold foiling is the best option because they block the moisture from entering the box and keep the product safe from all kinds of contamination. On the comparison, ordinary packaging is not possible as the thin cardboard layer won’t be resistive enough to stop moisture to enter the box.



Printing on Silver Foil Boxes



We can print on these silver foil boxes very easily. You can print different styles and designs on these boxes to make them classier. It will also give them a stylish look.



You can print the logo of your brand on these boxes to make them more stylish. It will also help to promote the brand. More and more people will recognize your brand and buy the products from it. In this way, there will build a trustable relationship between the customers and the brand. Thus, the sales of the brand will also increase.



Commercial Uses of Silver Foil Packaging:



These silver foil boxes are used for many purposes. You can pack shoes as well as dresses in them. you can also use them as gift boxes because of their beauty and attractiveness. People always buy products that are attractive and eye-catching. Thus, silver foil boxes just fit in right. These boxes will also help you to stand out in the market. in this way brand recognization also increases.



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